Built-in Blinds Glass
Built-in Blinds Glass
Built-in Blinds Glass
Built-in Blinds Glass

Built-in Blinds Glass


Max:1500mm x 3300mm



5mm+19A+5mm; 6mm+19A+6mm; 8mm+19A+8mm; or customized

Product Details

Built-in Blinds Glass 

Integral blinds, also known as integrated blinds, interstitial blinds and between glass blinds.

There are many ways to obtain a little privacy or control the amount of daylight entering a room.  Curtains, manual or automatic blinds positioned in front of the inner pane of glass are very popular options.  But recently integral blinds have become very popular.  
What are integral blinds?
Integral blinds are positioned between the two pieces of toughened or laminated glass fitted to doors or to double glazed units fitted in windows.  

What the advantages can integral blinds offer over the traditional blinds?
-No Dusting
Integral blinds are sealed between two glass panels, so no dust or allergens can accumulate on your door blinds.
-Privacy & Light Control
Enclosed mini blinds now feature privacy channels on each side of the blinds to eliminate light gaps.
-Energy Efficiency
Our warm edge spacer system creates energy-efficient, water- and air-resistant doorlites. And our blinds are available with energy-saving Low-E glass.
-Easy Operation
Different ways to control the blinds raising, lowering and tilting. Magnetically operated, battery operated motorised or hard wired motorised for options.
-Children and Pets Friendly
Children and pets can be hard on blinds. Since our internal blinds are sealed between glass, children and pets are protected from dangling the cords and blinds. 

Where can integral blinds be used?
Integral blinds popularly used for bifolding and patio doors, single or French Doors, also available for screens, fixed or opening windows, partition systems, plantations and conservotories. They are ideal for homes or commercial properties, shop fronts and many other uses.  

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