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Curtain wall is a new type of wall in the contemporary era. Its most important feature is the organic integration of architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy saving and architectural structure, which is not only simple , luxurious and with modern sense, and can reflect the surrounding scenery with a good decorative effect, but also combine the wall with the window, which greatly reduce the weight of the building.

The outer glass of the curtain wall is coated with colored metal coating on the inner side. The whole outer wall is like a mirror in appearance. It reflects the scenery of the sky and the surrounding environment and has rich facade changes to make buildings to take on different shades of light from different angles. At the time of transformation, the images are colorful and varied, giving people a dynamic beauty.


1.Light weight:the weight of glass curtain wall is generally 60kg/ m2, which is lighter than the curtain wall made of concrete, ceramic tile and stone slab. The glass curtain wall can be used to replace traditional concrete, brick and other materials, which can reduce the external wall weight of the building by about 5 times. On the one hand, the height of the building can be raised under the same foundation condition, on the other hand, it can reduce the transportation quantity and transportation cost of the materials in the process of building , and solve the engineering cost of the building
2.Improving the anti-seismic performance of buildings:the glass curtain wall is lighter than concrete and brick, at the same time it makes the performance of building peripheral protection system very superior to resist earthquake because of the suspension structure, floating node and better adaptability of interlaminart displacement.Curtain wall can improve the performance of the safety and disaster prevention of buildings.

3.Realize the industrialization of architecture:the construction and site installation of the building with glass curtain wall can realize simplify, rapid and civilization . 90 % of the processing of glass curtain wall can be completed in the factory , the manual operation work is few but labor productivity is high since the construction process is hardly affected by the climatic conditions and the installation process does not need scaffold.The construction site is cleaner and its complete time of construction is much shorter which means the industrialization of the building has been realized .

4.Recycling of raw materials:the main materials of glass curtain wall are steel,aluminum,glass and other building materials which are all green building materials that can be recycled by the furnace. This bulk building material is recycled as environmental building materials that can not be ignored with the problem of development.

5.Glass is the only building material with high transparency and good vision:a basic function of the periphery of the building is to meet the users' requirements of transparency,lighting and visual field.Only glass can meet this humanized requirement. Glass curtain wall is used as the mirror glass of building exterior wall decoration,it can absorb infrared rays,reduce the solar radiation which enters the room, and reduce the indoor temperature. It can reflect light like a mirror and transmit light like glass. Under the reflection of light , the room is not exposed to intense light and is soft

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